Rules Update 15.1.13

Added rules for Neck Snapping to the Rules Compendium as follows:

  • Must be a surprise from behind –or– performed on a “helpless” creature.
  • Uses one attack.
  • Attacker must make a successful Strength check.
  • Then victim must make a Save vs. Death.
    • Fail: Falls instantly to -10.
    • Save: Takes Unarmed Attack damage (usually 1d3+Str bonus).
  • Spider Sense nonweapon proficiency and Fortification armor power apply.

Rules Update 14.12.16


  • Weapon Powers:
    • Returning: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. The entry now reads: “Returning [+1]: Weapon returns to your hand when forward movement stops.”
  • Armor Powers:
    • Agile: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. “Agile [+1]: Reduces encumbrance penalty from armor by 1 per Enhancement bonus on the armor. (Cannot reduce penalty to a bonus.)”
    • Wild: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. “Wild [+1]: Armor continues to function when a Druid or natural shapechanger shifts into animal form.”

Rules Update 14.12.1


  • Destruction and Restoration Staff: They are no longer charged for 24 hours by a 1st level spell. Now each shot expends a “charge.” Charges are gained by infusing the staff with spell energy at a rate of 30 charges per spell level. The document “Combat Styles” in the Rules tab now reflects this change.

Rules Update 14.11.24


  • Improved Shifting (Nonweapon Proficiency): Gain 2 more shapechanges per day and change as Swift action.


  • Armor: Added called shot bonuses and reduced encumbrance on some armor pieces. Also increased the Damage Reduction on plate armors.
  • Armor Powers: Made armor material descriptions more clear, added prices for light armors versus medium and heavy armors, and changed prices on some rare armor materials.
  • Weapon Powers: Made weapon material descriptions more clear, added prices for small weapons versus medium and large weapons, and changed prices on some rare weapon materials.
  • Metamartials:
    • Harms Way: The entire action now is an Attack of Opportunity and is therefore limited in uses per round.
    • Push Attack: Add 5 more feet per Improved Metamartial NWP slot for a total of 15′ of push directly away from you.

Rules Update 14.10.12

Combat Styles (in Rules section):

  • Added Destruction and Restoration Staff weapon proficiencies and rules on their use.
  • Battlemage class added: They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier; and are trained to utilize offensive spells during combat.

Your Dice…

Your Dice

Your Dice

Rules Update 14.4.14

Toughness – Toughness is now a single slot Nonweapon proficiency. Taking it gives you 5 bonus hit points immediately and  1 hit point per level, both ongoing and retroactive.

Rules Update 14.4.9

Combat Syles: Clarified the weapon speeds for dual wielding and double weapon usage. Also clarified the Thrown style Quick Draw bonus (only on thrown weapons).

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Added Improved Combat Maneuvers, Grapple Punch (Prereq: Improved Combat Maneuvers), and Prone Fighter. Also added a Casting Time of 1 to Called Shots which gives others a Combat Advantage over the attacker during that brief time.

Metamartials: Added Running Throw which allows a person to use the momentum of moving up on a target to throw a weapon at that target. Also added Powerful Charge which adds damage to attack done after a charge (May be applied to an attack or the initial damage from a successful Grapple). Reminder: Review Double Shot and Twin Strike as they were changed/added some time ago.

Rules Update 13.12.18

Added 3 subjects to the Rules Compendium PDF under the RULES heading.

-Added Bloodied table and definition.

-Added final Botch Table.

-Added final Critical Hit Table.

Rules Update 13.4.3


Combat Styles

–Brawler Style now reduces weapon speed by 2 and standardizes the increases in damage from fists/feet.

–One Handed Style now reduces the weapon speed by 2, instead of 3. (Balances this against Brawler Style).

–Double Weapon Style weapon speed is reduced for a Quarterstaff as indicated in the 2nd edition rules (Combat and Tactics).


Blindness & Proficiencies in Rules gives the penalties for being blind and the effects of Blindfighting Nonweapon Proficiency on blindness and the new Blind Warrior proficiency.