Site Update 15.1.15

The Rules Compendium document and the Noneweapon Proficiencies document now have hyperlinks to assist in navigation. Click away!

Rules Update 15.1.13

Added rules for Neck Snapping to the Rules Compendium as follows:

  • Must be a surprise from behind –or– performed on a “helpless” creature.
  • Uses one attack.
  • Attacker must make a successful Strength check.
  • Then victim must make a Save vs. Death.
    • Fail: Falls instantly to -10.
    • Save: Takes Unarmed Attack damage (usually 1d3+Str bonus).
  • Spider Sense nonweapon proficiency and Fortification armor power apply.

Rules Update 14.12.16


  • Weapon Powers:
    • Returning: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. The entry now reads: “Returning [+1]: Weapon returns to your hand when forward movement stops.”
  • Armor Powers:
    • Agile: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. “Agile [+1]: Reduces encumbrance penalty from armor by 1 per Enhancement bonus on the armor. (Cannot reduce penalty to a bonus.)”
    • Wild: Changed to a +1 cost modifier from a +2. “Wild [+1]: Armor continues to function when a Druid or natural shapechanger shifts into animal form.”

Rules Update 14.12.1


  • Destruction and Restoration Staff: They are no longer charged for 24 hours by a 1st level spell. Now each shot expends a “charge.” Charges are gained by infusing the staff with spell energy at a rate of 30 charges per spell level. The document “Combat Styles” in the Rules tab now reflects this change.

Rules Update 14.11.24


  • Improved Shifting (Nonweapon Proficiency): Gain 2 more shapechanges per day and change as Swift action.


  • Armor: Added called shot bonuses and reduced encumbrance on some armor pieces. Also increased the Damage Reduction on plate armors.
  • Armor Powers: Made armor material descriptions more clear, added prices for light armors versus medium and heavy armors, and changed prices on some rare armor materials.
  • Weapon Powers: Made weapon material descriptions more clear, added prices for small weapons versus medium and large weapons, and changed prices on some rare weapon materials.
  • Metamartials:
    • Harms Way: The entire action now is an Attack of Opportunity and is therefore limited in uses per round.
    • Push Attack: Add 5 more feet per Improved Metamartial NWP slot for a total of 15′ of push directly away from you.

Rules Update 14.10.12

Combat Styles (in Rules section):

  • Added Destruction and Restoration Staff weapon proficiencies and rules on their use.
  • Battlemage class added: They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier; and are trained to utilize offensive spells during combat.

Your Dice…

Your Dice

Your Dice

Rules Update 14.4.14

Toughness – Toughness is now a single slot Nonweapon proficiency. Taking it gives you 5 bonus hit points immediately and  1 hit point per level, both ongoing and retroactive.

Rules Update 14.4.9

Combat Syles: Clarified the weapon speeds for dual wielding and double weapon usage. Also clarified the Thrown style Quick Draw bonus (only on thrown weapons).

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Added Improved Combat Maneuvers, Grapple Punch (Prereq: Improved Combat Maneuvers), and Prone Fighter. Also added a Casting Time of 1 to Called Shots which gives others a Combat Advantage over the attacker during that brief time.

Metamartials: Added Running Throw which allows a person to use the momentum of moving up on a target to throw a weapon at that target. Also added Powerful Charge which adds damage to attack done after a charge (May be applied to an attack or the initial damage from a successful Grapple). Reminder: Review Double Shot and Twin Strike as they were changed/added some time ago.

Rules Update 13.12.18

Added 3 subjects to the Rules Compendium PDF under the RULES heading.

-Added Bloodied table and definition.

-Added final Botch Table.

-Added final Critical Hit Table.