Rules Update 19.10.2

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Ability Scores:

  • Modified the way Luck Points (prev. Hero Points) work.
  • Added the Human ability score modifiers and associated special abilities to the 3rd page. (The Luck special ability seems really fun!)
  • If you choose any of the main six ability scores, that bonus is added in to determine your Luck score. If you choose Luck, you determine your Luck score based on your unmodified main six and then add the bonus.


  • Backgrounds (prev. Early Training) now includes a free Kit you select at creation. You may buy additional kits at the listed prices.


  • Modified Warlock to gain the fun stuff a little earlier and have less spells known in order to balance the class. Also modified the Lesser Boons to be a little better and make the differences a little more pronounced.

Nonweapon Proficiencies

  • Added History to the list of proficiencies you can use untrained. Slotting it now adds a +3 to the roll just as the other untrained proficiencies.
  • Added Stealth as a proficiency and made it one you can use untrained. Slotting it adds a +3 to the roll. Wearing certain armors gives you Disadvantage to the roll, trained or untrained. Creatures may roll opposed Perception checks to counter the Stealth roll. Move Silently and Hide in Shadows are far superior to Stealth and require a much more difficult Perception check to notice (At least Perception -10). A Thief or Ranger may roll their MS/HiS checks and a Stealth check on the same d20 roll. They can then theoretically fail their Hide check, but make their Stealth check, making the Perception check against them easier.

Content Update 16.8.26

Added to Encyclopedia Tab:

  • Chronology v3.1 (Minor updates will not be posted here.)
    • All new and most updated entries are highlighted in Yellow.

Content Update 16.7.25

Added to Encyclopedia Tab:

  • Chronology v3.0 (Minor updates will not be posted here.)

Updated on Encyclopedia Tab:

  • Fairhaven NPC Pics:
    • Updated birth dates and ages to match the Timeline.
    • Added Species and Gender to each entry.
    • Added Genevieve Flechette Malveaux, the lone survivor of the vampire attack on her family.