Rules Update 15.1.16


  • Metamartial
    • Running Throw: Is now written more like we have been playing it. “[Fighter or Rogue Only] If you would lose an attack for the movement, you may throw a weapon at a target while moving to another, then attack normally when in melee (Use melee weapon’s number of attacks for both). Target of thrown and melee attacks may be the same, but must be within 45º of each other. (Throwing M or L sized weapons uses a swift action.) (Style: Attack roll of 10+: The weapon is driven into the target.)


  • Metamartial
    • Taunt: [Must be within 60’] Taunt a single enemy of lower or up to 2 levels/HD higher with your wit. Make a Charisma check during your action. If you succeed, the enemy is taunted until the end of your next turn (so up to two turns). The enemy takes a -4 to any attack that doesn’t include you as a target. A new Taunt supersedes any previous Taunt. Also, when in melee range, if the enemy makes any attack that doesn’t include you as a target, you may make an Attack of Opportunity. If the target has Taunt or Leadership NWP, the check becomes an opposed roll.

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