Rules Update 14.4.9

Combat Syles: Clarified the weapon speeds for dual wielding and double weapon usage. Also clarified the Thrown style Quick Draw bonus (only on thrown weapons).

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Added Improved Combat Maneuvers, Grapple Punch (Prereq: Improved Combat Maneuvers), and Prone Fighter. Also added a Casting Time of 1 to Called Shots which gives others a Combat Advantage over the attacker during that brief time.

Metamartials: Added Running Throw which allows a person to use the momentum of moving up on a target to throw a weapon at that target. Also added Powerful Charge which adds damage to attack done after a charge (May be applied to an attack or the initial damage from a successful Grapple). Reminder: Review Double Shot and Twin Strike as they were changed/added some time ago.

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