Sidescene: The Missive

To: High Father Angus Quinn, Purifier

–Office of the Hunters, Church of the Radiant Cross, Iberia, Europa

From: Commander Grant Pell, Hunter

–Office of the Hunters, Church of Golden Glory, Southport, Pantheon

High Father,

We have confirmed the presence of the Shadowfell plague on Pantheon. It appears to be moving very slowly as it did in the beginning of the outbreak in Europa months ago. Hopefully now that we know what to expect, we can stop this before it gets too far. There are reports of the plague in Southport, Tantras, and Sumeria. We don’t know if this is a coordinated attack or simply coincidental timing, but we aren’t taking any chances. I have dispatched Hunters across Pantheon to watch and report, but we are spread pretty thin.

The Council has issued alerts to all authorities to watch for outbreaks and all graves from the last six months are being opened and the bodies burned. They are attempting to use Woundhealer, but it can’t be enough to help everyone. They seem to be doing the right thing, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that they have a vampire and two demons on the Council. I can only hope that whatever dark forces they might answer to, they are enemies of the Raven Queen as well.

Even in a best case scenario, many lives will be lost. The best we can hope for is that we stop the Raven Queen from gaining a foothold on Pantheon. More reports to follow. Good luck and God bless, Sir.

–Commander Grant Pell, Hunter