Rules Update 15.2.27

Added/Changed Nonweapon Proficiencies:

  • Acrobatics [Dex 0]: Perform acrobatic stunts, use balance, escape from restraints, and reduce damage from falls (by your Dex score). Replaces Tightrope Walking NWP.
  • Arcana [Int 0]: Combines Arcanology and Spellcraft into one proficiency. (Why do we need two?)
  • Diplomacy [Cha 0]: Change opinions, influence people, know proper etiquette. Replaces Etiquette NWP.
  • Insight [Wis 0]: Discern intent, truthfulness, moods. Counters Bluff (as Bluff now counters Insight).

Added Metamartital:

  • Toss Me!: On your turn, you may have a larger player toss you into battle. See Metamartials for exact details.

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