Fairhaven Quest Log: 2/15/15

Active Quests:

  • Gone Girl: After two days of absence, Elmorn started to worry that something had happened to Mara. The Group went to the tavern where she was to have performed two nights before, but she supposedly never made it. After coming up empty talking to both the Midland Thieves’ Guild and Serena, leader of the Flaming Whip gang, they spoke to the Master of Coin. (Side note: Foehammer felt sick while they were speaking to the Flaming Whip gang. Tor noticed and wondered if it was coincidence or something more.) The Master of Coin suggested they investigate the Tallis cult compound in town, while he checked out the Inquisitors. The Tallis are a philosophical cult that believes in a strict ordered society, that gods are lies, and that magic should be controlled. Tor and Elmorn entered the compound pretending to be interested in learning about their philosophy (Tor soon became actually interested in it). Their search found nothing and, when they were caught by Arishok (the leader) and some guards, Elmorn came clean. Arishok explained that while they believe users of arcane magic should be controlled, it is against their philosophy to force it on those that do not follow the Tal. However, Arishok recalled that a group of Ben-Hassrath (Tallis guardians of the Tal) had come in suggesting to move aggressively against magic-users. Arishok sent them away, but believed it was possible they were still in the city. He pointed the Group to the one spot the Ben-Hassrath would hide in: the alienage.
  • The Group entered the Nottingham alienage and spoke privately to an Elven merchant. He told them that some Tallis had taken over one of the buildings in the alienage and had recruited some Elves with promise of food and protection. The Group went to the building described by the merchant and were confronted as they entered the courtyard. After killing most of the Elves and Ben-Hassrath, the Group found a woman tied to a chair with a hood over her head. It was not Mara, but a kidnapped mage that had undergone the Tallis ritual that removes all will making her Viddath-bas (changed to a thing) or “tranquil.” However, Mara’s equipment was found nearby. She had been there. The Group interrogated a captured Ash-talan (Tallis healer). She revealed that a couple of Inquisitors had bought Mara from them, claiming that they would take care of the “mage.” The Ash-talan was killed without struggle. When the Group returned to the keep, the Master of Coin informed them that the Inquisitors had Mara and were preparing her for release. The Group went to retrieve her on his authority, but found that she wasn’t there and had never been (the Master of Coin had been lied to). They discovered that two Inquisitors (Curtis and Green) had faked her arrest and detainment and had actually retrieved her from the Ben-Hassrath on the orders from a group of mysterious men who threatened their families if they didn’t comply. Curtis had supposedly skipped town with his family, but Green admitted that he had followed the men to an estate outside the walls of Nottingham. Tor offered Green a chance at redemption if he took them there. Green agreed and they were off.
  • The Sovereign: The Group was told by the Galloway Thieves’ Guild that the Sovereignite who tried to order an assassination on Joe Teucrus and the Group was from the south. They suggested to check for signs of the Sovereignites in the major cities and towns in the nations of London, Cornwall, and Cambria.
  • A Strange Old Hermit: Hector was told by the Druids in Galloway of a reclusive Druid near Devonport, Cornwall who studies strange and unique flora that would know the location of a weirwood tree.

See all active and completed quests on the Characters page in the document: Complete Quest Log.

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