Rules Update 13.2.13

Almost everything has had a few tweaks here and there, but a few bigger things have changed and are described below:

-Tumbling Attack is now a Nonweapon Proficiency instead of a Metamartial.

-Added “Agile” Armor Power which reduces Armor Encumbrance equal to the Enhancement bonus.

-Altered requirements for some Metamartials.

-Altered a few of the Casting Check penalties for some Metamagics.

-Added Critical Actions to the Rules Compendium. These give alternate consequences to a critical hit instead of double damage. These are completely optional and can be used any time you make a critical hit with a weapon or spell.

-Added a more complete map of Southern Gallia that includes the Watchtower in the west (AQ-69), the Elven Occupied areas (AW-65, etc.), and the Torr’Esani occupied region in the east (BI-59, etc.).

***Please see related pages for more details. These descriptions are just a summary.***

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