Rules Update 11.8.24


–Most social encounters will now involve CHARISMA CHECKS. Good roleplaying will give bonuses, but success of the ability check will be the deciding factor.


–Armor Class bonuses now increase as you add WEAPON PROFICIENCY slots to it.

–TAUNT (Metamartial: 1 slot): [Melee Only] Demoralize a single opponent with your wit. During combat, make a Charisma check at the beginning of each round. If you succeed, the target is Bloodied toward you until the beginning of your next action. You may continue your taunting as long as you continue to succeed in the check each round. If the target has Taunt, the check becomes an opposed Charisma check.

–SOOTHING WORD (Nonweapon 1 or 2 slots): When healing by spell or the Healing proficiency, add your Charisma Reaction Adjustment to the HP healed.

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