Sidescene: Report

General Thrane: Legion has begun to move against us, but we have easily repelled him.

Emperor Som: Have you, now?

General Thrane: He may be able to take a few guards here and there, but once we mobilize, the coward retreats.

Emperor Som: Your foolishness has followed you beyond the grave. Legion is not trying to kill us one guard at a time, he is learning our defenses.

General Thrane: Our defenses…

Emperor Som: Yes. I want defense drills at every post and active perimeter searches for any sign of Legion. Put some skeletons on it if you need to. I will not have everything I have built destroyed by your mistakes–or Hers.

General Thrane: Emperor, is that not blasphemy?

Emperor Som: She can’t lay a finger on me.

General Thrane: So the rumors are true? You are the source?


Emperor Som: Return to Gallia and carry out my orders. And remember, you are not untouchable.

General Thrane: By your command, Emperor. Fear not the Queen’s murder.

Emperor Som: Fear not.

(General Thrane exits)

Raven Queen: Evil, but not so bright. I should have taken that Panthrason soul.

Emperor Som: Well, well. Look who’s here.

Raven Queen: You really think I don’t look in from time to time without your knowledge? This is my empire after all.

Emperor Som: Then you should be taking care of your problem. Legion is going to make his move–soon.

Raven Queen: I’m taking care of it.

Emperor Som: You keep saying that.

Raven Queen: And it continues to be true. I have someone on it.

Emperor Som: “Someone?!” Why won’t you let me send a battalion to find him and end this?

(Raven Queen flicks her wrist and Emperor Som’s left hand bends back until his finger nails are touching his arm and his wrist tears in half. Emperor Som doesn’t make a sound.)

Raven Queen: I said no. I’ve said no twice now. Don’t make me say it three times. You are not as untouchable as you think.

Emperor Som (pained): Yes… My… Queen…

Raven Queen: Now, there’s a genocide on the other side of the world that is about to turn into a bloody revolt and I want to get there while the picking is good. Ciao!

(Raven Queen disappears and Emperor Som’s hand springs back, tears itself the rest of the way off, and falls to the floor. Emperor Som looks down at the newly created pile of dust and sighs.)

Emperor Som: Fear not the Queen’s murder. Quite the contrary…

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